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We’ve all seen painful reminders (or experienced them ourselves) of just how helpless natural disasters can leave us. We’ve also been touched and inspired by the bravery and selflessness of first responders—firefighters, police, EMS, and search & rescue personnel—who come to the aid of people in need regardless of their own circumstances. West Virginia University Occupational Medicine is saying thank you by offering a free physical exam for a day at select locations to all first responders.  The offer includes vision screening, wellness labs, chest x-ray, audiogram, respirator fit testing,Read More
Think about the last promotional pen you used, or the sticky-pad you wrote on with it. It’s likely you don’t remember where you picked up either of them (even if it was the same place). Now, imagine that you used a tick remover that was given to you to remove a blood-sucking parasite from your child’s arm. You probably know where that one came from. PhysicianOne Urgent Care hit on that very idea when it was looking for a meaningful way to celebrate its 1-year anniversary of treating patients inRead More
Urgent care centers might be wise to follow the lead of the many nonhealthcare businesses that have recognized the value of ensuring that lesbian, gay, bi, trans, questioning (LGBTQ) consumers are welcomed and treated appropriately. Many have invested heavily in marketing and advertising that gets that message across, in fact. Aside from the ethics of ensuring that all patients are treated with dignity, respect, and the appropriate care, a survey by Community Marketing shows that LGBTQ consumers are loyal, spend more money, and feel “more positive” about companies that addressRead More
While convenient access to quality, affordable care has been the defining characteristic of the urgent care setting from its inception, the growth of the industry has been fueled by constant innovation and responsiveness to the evolving needs and preferences of the patient. Today, that includes on-the-spot lab testing. Languishing for hours in a hospital waiting area is a miserable prospect when patients are feeling ill, so they’re likely to choose an urgent care center over the ED. If Center A has lab testing on site and Center B is onlyRead More
Urgent care has continued to grow based on its attributes of improving patients’ care experience at a lower cost than the emergency room, and by contributing to healthier populations—a triad of goals referred to as “triple aim.” Maintaining that growth may depend on outpacing other settings’ ability to change with the times. Twenty years since its inception—coinciding with urgent care’s own growth trajectory—telehealth may prove to be an invaluable tool in accomplishing that. One operator that’s using telemedicine to realize those objectives is Doctors Care, which proved its willingness toRead More
Righttime Medical Care has developed a program within its urgent care practice for assessing patients, often young athletes, for concussion. Called HeadFirst Sports Injury and Concussion Care, it boasts clinical staff trained in FDA-approved baseline tests. As with any new idea, however, the challenge is making sure the people who need your services know you’re there. Righttime hit upon the right idea when they linked their own promotional efforts to the Brain Injury Association of America’s (BIAA) Brain Injury Awareness Month (March) and Brain Injury Awareness Day (March 22).  WhileRead More
CareNow, a division of Hospital Corporation of America operating 26 centers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, has a membership program for patients without insurance. It appeals particularly to patients with high-deductible health plans who will be responsible, out of pocket, for the costs of their urgent care visits and thus choose to not use their insurance. CareNow charges $18/month for the membership and $68 for sick visits with the membership. Complex procedures, such as incision & drainage or lacerations, receive a 20% discount with the membership. Additional services (eg, labs, x-rays)Read More
The mainstream media love to remind the public (ie, your prospective patients) that flu season is still in full swing. That being the case, why shouldn’t one of your physicians be the talking head assuring patients that all will be well if they do the right thing? When WJRT in Flint, MI did its most recent report on school districts’ efforts to fight influenza, Peter Stoyanoff, MD was there on screen, talking about what he and his colleagues at AMD Urgent Care have been seeing—and reminding viewers that it’s notRead More
Patients visiting Lanier Urgent Care in Gainesville, GA are asked the usual questions upon arrival—plus one that’s very atypical: You wanna see the dogs? According to the centers practice administrator, 90% of patients answer “Yes!” to that question. Lanier has a pair of canines on site every day, though one of them will likely be departing to spend time in Lanier’s soon-to-open second location. Dr. Ronald Perry, president of Lanier, says the dogs have a way of easing most patients’ nerves about having to go to the doctor in theRead More
Total Access Urgent Care in Missouri promises to provide “fast, friendly, affordable care.” It’s a catchy enough phrase, but what’s most arresting about it is that potential patients aren’t hearing it in a traditional TV or radio ad, or reading it in a brochure; they’re absorbing it in a brief, 15-second clip that precedes a local sports story they clicked on while visiting the St. Louis Fox Television affiliate’s website. Total Access, which bills itself as “the solution to the ER,” sponsors Fox 2 Now’s Athlete of the Week reports,Read More