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Georgia Urgent Care in Milton, VT just restored their capability to offer x-rays and bone-density imaging. A new nurse practitioner is taking the next step in her career by joining the team at Sanford Health in Bemidji, MN. And Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital’s El Dorado Urgent Care center is now going to be seeing patients on the hospital campus. We know this because articles alerting the public to these events appeared in the St. Alban’s Messenger, the Park Rapids Enterprise, and the Butler County Times Gazette, respectively. And while these developments may fall into the So what? category for the urgent care community at large, they mark an opportunity for those urgent care operators to remind their patient/customer base that they’re available and more capable to offer care when it’s needed than ever before. It can be easy to get so focused on maintaining or upgrading equipment, onboarding new hires, and making sure relocations go smoothly that you don’t recognize opportunities to get your operation’s name out there. Keep the public up to date; by doing so, you’ll keep your urgent care business top-of-mind.

Leverage Local Media to Remind Patients That You’re There for them