Ovarian Mass

Weight Loss, Abdominal Pain, and Distension in a 74-Year-Old Woman

Urgent message: Not all GI complaints can be attributed to gastrointestinal pathology; symptoms of dyspepsia, vomiting, early satiety, weight loss, and abdominal pain may also be from a pelvic etiology. Fabrizia Faustinella, MD, PhD and L. Alexandre Frigini, MD INTRODUCTION Gastrointestinal complaints are common in ambulatory centers, urgent care, and in emergency departments. The symptoms of abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting account for 12% to 15% of ED visits.1 Several non-GI intra-abdominal, endocrine, and pelvic …
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An Unresponsive Pupil in the Urgent Care: Can A Diagnosis Be Made from the Bedside History and Exam?

Urgent message: Ocular complaints for which there is no immediate, obvious explanation do not necessarily have to be referred to the emergency room or ophthalmology. Employing the process of elimination to narrow down a broad differential, using the available evidence, can expedite the correct diagnosis while allowing the patient to remain in the urgent care. Kayla Penny, BS; Joseph LaRochelle, PharmD, BCPPS, FCCP; Deirdre Hooper, MD; Haley Caire, BS; and Kelsey Rooney, BS CASE PRESENTATION …
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Chest Pain

Similar to Past Flare Ups Pulmonary Eosinophilia: Putting the Pieces Together

Urgent message: Pulmonary eosinophilia is a generic term for a heterogeneous group of disorders that result in increased eosinophils within the pulmonary parenchyma. Ultimately, the patient here was treated with an extended course of glucocorticoids to treat his chronic eosinophilic pneumonia until he could follow up with his hematologist/pulmonologist. CASE PRESENTATION The patient is a 29-year-old male with history of pulmonary eosinophilia, degenerative disc disease, and asthma who presents to an urgent care center with …
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Hallux or Metatarsophalangeal Joint Pain, Male Foot Pain

Case Report: Reoccurring Metatarsophalangeal Joint Pain

Urgent message: Acute or chronic hallux pain is a common complaint in urgent care. Due to the structure, several diagnoses can have similar presentation on history and exam. With this discussion, we examine a sesamoid stress injury. Sergio P. Ramoa, MD, MS INTRODUCTION The tibial (medial) and fibular (lateral) sesamoids are contained within the flexor hallucis brevis tendons along the metatarsal head.1 They have several roles such as absorbing weight, helping glide and reducing friction …
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Actinomyces neuii as cause of Vulvar Abscess, doctor speaking with patient

Actinomyces neuii as a Cause of Vulvar Abscess

Urgent message: While abscesses are seen commonly in the urgent care setting, location and presenting complaints can offer essential clues as to the causative organism—and inform timely diagnosis and treatment decisions. Tracey Q. Davidoff, MD, FCUCM Introduction Abscesses are common in urgent care and emergency medicine and are easily treated with drainage, and in some cases antibiotics. The majority of cases are caused by Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcal sp. Rarely, gram-negative bacilli can be found …
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