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Anybody who tuned in to WGIL radio at the right time recently learned everything they needed to know about OSF OnCall Urgent Care in Galesburg, IL. That’s because the facility’s manager was a guest on Galesburg Live, one of the station’s shows, talking about what makes urgent care a distinct environment. More to the point, she also spoke about OSF OnCall’s capabilities and of course their hours and location. She also shared a bit about her own background, personalizing what could be viewed as just some executive plugging their business. It cost nothing and continues to reach prospective new patients who browse the station’s website, where the episode is still available. Local media can be a valuable resource that needn’t impact your promotions budget. Identify someone on your team who is personable and knowledgeable about your business and the industry, and find resources where those attributes can be utilized for the benefit of your operation and the patients who will benefit from knowing you’re there to help them.

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