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Schools have nurses to ensure there’s a competent healthcare professional nearby for emergencies, but also as a resource for kids with diabetes, allergies, and the scrapes and bruises that invariably pop up from time to time. That may not necessarily be the case for summer camps, though. Recognizing this, Northwell Health-GoHealth Urgent Care has teamed up with summer camps in New York and Connecticut this year. According to an article published by Long Island Business News, the company arranged to provide both on-site and virtual visits as needed, as well as COVID-19 management. The arrangement not only helps ensure that kids have a safe experience, but also is likely to ease the worries of anxious parents who are concerned not only about the health of their campers but also the possible need for them to be transported off the campground by staff. Day camps and sleep-away camps alike could benefit from forming similar partnerships with you. It’s not too late to give them a call to see if they agree that working with you could make for a better camp experience for all concerned.

When Kids Go to Camp, They Still Need Access to Healthcare Providers. Why Not You?