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Residents in your area probably have multiple choices when they need to visit an urgent care center. And even if your advertising and marketing efforts get your facility on their radar, is that enough to distinguish you from the competitor two blocks over? Probably not. But what could differentiate your business from others is demonstrating that yours is a business that supports the community. One urgent care operator in Texas is doing just that by offering to help soften the impact of the current baby formula shortage. Eastex Urgent Care in Beaumont has taken to the local media to let worried families—and generous benefactors—know that its center is a dropoff and pickup site for donations of formula. Residents willing to donate formula they’ve managed to get their hands on can even designate their donation for a particular family, with urgent care staff reaching out to let the recipient family know that they can come and pick it up at their convenience. Nontargeted donations are also welcomed; parents in need let the facility know they’re running out and have been able to get their needs met. Certainly those families will remember who was there for them, but it’s likely that the initiative will linger in the minds of the community at large, as well.

Want Loyal Support from the Community? Try Offering Loyal Support to That Community