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Abstracts in Urgent Care – May 2022

Immobilizing Ankle FracturesTreating Septic Olecranon BursitisEKG Interpretation: Human vs MachinepreHEART Score and Prehospital CareRethinking Otitis Media ManagementBoosters Limit Risk for COVID—but by How Much? Ivan Koay MBChB, FRNZCUC, MD Casting vs Bracing for Ankle Fractures Take-home point: Plaster casting was not superior to functional ankle bracing for certain ankle fractures. Citation: Kearney R, McKeown R, Parsons H, et al. Use of cast immobilisation versus removable brace in adults with an ankle fracture: multicentre randomised controlled trial. BMJ. 2021;374:n1506. Relevance: The management of fractures is an evolving discipline, steeped in dogma …
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Abstracts in Urgent Care – April 2022

Pediatric PneumoniaSigns and Symptoms of Cauda Equina SyndromeRemoving ‘Stuck’ RingsCentral vs Peripheral Acute VertigoZinc and Viral RTIs in Adults Nathan M. Finnerty, MD, FACEP; Joshua W. Russell, MD, MSc, FAAEM, FACEP; and Brett C. Ebeling, MD How Long Should Pediatric Pneumonia Be Treated? Take-home point: Lower-dose and shorter-duration amoxicillin treatment was noninferior to standard regimens for outpatient treatment of community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) in this trial. Citation: Bielicki JA, Stӧhr W, Barratt S, et al. Effect of amoxicillin dose and treatment duration on the need for antibiotic re-treatment in children with …
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Abstracts in Urgent Care - March 2022

Abstracts in Urgent Care – March 2022

When Handlebar Meets AbdomenCorticosteroids and AsthmaAntibiotics in Pediatric PACSurfactant Use in AOMCOVID Pneumonia and Disease ProgressionNeutralizing Antibodies in COVID Pediatric Abdominal Injuries from Handlebars Take-home point: Handlebar impact is a high-risk mechanism for serious intraabdominal injury in children and necessity of operative intervention is common. Citation: Vanderwalle R, Barker S, Raymond J, et. al. Pediatric handlebar injuries: more than meets the abdomen. Pediatr Emerg Care. 2021;37(9):e517-e523. Relevance: It is important to appreciate the significance of bicycle handlebar injuries as a unique mechanism when involving the abdomen to avoid missing potentially …
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Abstracts in Urgent Care – February 2022

Surgery—or Not—for Appendicitis?Oral Analgesics and Musculoskeletal Extremity PainWhat Patient Don’t Know About Ionizing RadiationRisk with NSAIDs, Cox-2 Inhibitors, and Opioids in FracturesInhaled Budesonide for COVID-19 Spread of COVID-19 within the Household Ivan Koay MBChB, FRNZCUC, MD Nonoperative Management of Acute Appendicitis Take-home point: This study adds to a growing body of literature suggesting that, in select patients, a nonsurgical approach to appendicitis management leads to similar outcomes. Citation: The CODA Collaborative A randomized trial comparing antibiotics with appendectomy for appendicitis. N Engl J Med. 2020 Nov 12;383(20):1907-1919. Relevance: Many patients …
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Abstracts in Urgent Care – January 2022

Pediatric Burns and Cool, Clear WaterLimit Screen Time After Concussion?Gastroenteritis in ChildrenDiagnosing Giant Cell ArteritisPOCUS and Ectopic PregnancyDetecting C diffVaccinating Adolescents Against COVID-19 Ivan Koay MBChB, FRNZCUC, MD First Aid for Pediatric Burn Patients Take-home point: Many children with burns receive inadequate cooling after burns when presenting for emergency care. Citation: Frear C, Griffin B and Kimble R. Adequacy of cool running water first aid by healthcare professionals in the treatment of pediatric burns: a cross-sectional study of 4537 children. Emerg Med Australas. 2021;33(4):615–622. Relevance: First aid with cool running …
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