Urgent Care News

CityMD Pays $12 Million in False Claims Settlement

CityMD, which operates more than 175 urgent care centers in New York and New Jersey, …
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Encouraging Trends Found in Recent UTI Prescribing Practices

Researchers from Boston Children’s Hospital analyzed US emergency department visits for pediatric urinary tract infections …
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Highly Contagious Fungal Infections Emerge in US

Two new, highly contagious fungal infections that cause rashes have been identified in the United …
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Why Urgent Care Marketers Need to Keep an Eye on SEO Tactics

Urgent care operators who rely on search engine optimization (SEO)—in other words, the art of …
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New COVID Vaccines Will Target JN.1 and Subvariants 

The Food and Drug Administration is considering a recommendation for tailoring the COVID-19 vaccines for …
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Original Research Articles

Return Visits and Hospitalization Rates of Adult Patients Discharged with Tachycardia After an Urgent Care Visit: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Urgent Message: Patients discharged from an urgent care clinic with tachycardia were found to have …
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Influence of Clinical Setting on Antibiotic Prescribing Practices for Acute Otitis Media in Children at an Urban Academic Medical Center

Urgent Message: This retrospective chart review study found that the odds of children receiving an …
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NSAIDs in Urgent Care and Emergency Departments: A Narrative Review

Urgent Message: This narrative review of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) characterizes the specific evidence-based indications, …
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Using Urgent-Care-Based Telemedicine to Increase Primary Care Referrals: A Quality Improvement Project

Urgent Message: A quality improvement project demonstrated increased referral rates to primary care from an …
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Pediatric Knowledge Needs Assessment: A Pilot Study

Urgent Message: Pediatric emergency medicine researchers have an opportunity to enhance collaboration with general emergency …
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Clinical Articles

Dyspnea in the Urgent Care

Dyspnea in the Urgent Care: Differentiating Benign From ‘Can’t Miss’

Urgent Message: Patients commonly present with respiratory symptoms in the urgent care setting and not infrequently complain of some degree …
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Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma Feature Image

A Review of Genital Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma Infections for the Urgent Care Clinician

Urgent Message: Mycoplasma species, most notably Mycoplasma genitalium are an increasingly recognized etiology of persistent urethral discomfort and non-gonococcal urethritis …
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Pelvic Pain

How Useful Is Ultrasound in Acute Female Pelvic Pain?

Andrew Alaya, MD, MSc Urgent Message: For time-sensitive diagnoses related to acute pelvic pain, ultrasound is generally the recommended initial …
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Isolated Sternal Fractures

Isolated Sternal Fractures After Trampoline Falls in Children: A Case Series

Urgent Message: Isolated sternal fractures in children can occur from relatively minor trauma, such as a trampoline fall, and patients …
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Practice Management Articles

Urgent Care Site Selection

Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Urgent Care Site Selection

Urgent Message: Location and accessibility are keys to success for any urgent care. Operators must avoid common pitfalls when evaluating …
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Unclaimed Property for Urgent Care

What Does Unclaimed Property Mean for Urgent Care Providers?

Urgent Message: Undeliverable refunds of patient balances do not become property of the urgent care center, but rather, after effort …
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Personal Injury

Urgent Care Billing Matters for Personal Injury Presentations

Alan A. Ayers, MBA, MAcc Urgent Message: The uncertain and extended payment cycle for treating personal injuries caused by third …
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Private Equity in Urgent Care

Private Equity Ownership in Urgent Care By Number of Centers, 2024

Citation: Ayers A. Private Equity Ownership in Urgent Care By Number of Centers, 2024. J Urgent Care Med. 2024; 18(7):33-34 …
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Intraoral Angioedema After Olanzapine Overdose: A Case Report

Urgent Message: Patients may present to an urgent care facility with intraoral angioedema, a life-threatening emergency …
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Expanding the Differential of Thunderclap Headache Beyond Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Case Report

Urgent Message: Cerebral venous thrombosis is a serious cause of headache that can present in a …
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Delayed-Onset Facial Nerve Palsy Following Post-Auricular Gunshot Wound: A Case Report

David Hourani, MD; Bradley M. Golden, DO; Daniel McCollum, MD; John R. Barrett, MD Urgent Message: …
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Urgent Care Evaluation and Management Of Proximal 5th Metatarsal Fractures

Urgent Message: It’s important to recognize the difference between a proximal 5th metatarsal fracture of the …
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An Atypical Cause of Fever and Confusion: A Case Report of Delayed Pulmonary Embolism Diagnosis

Francesca Cocchiarale, DO; Alexa Bailey, MS-3; Michael Weinstock, MD Urgent Message: Pulmonary embolism can be frequently …
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Changing an Employee from Full-Time to Part-Time Status

Urgent message: Whether due to reduced staffing needs or employee preference, some employees in urgent care …
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Are Urgent Care Providers Liable if They Don’t Test Patients for COVID?

Click Here to download the PDF. Urgent message: As the severity of newer strains of SARS-CoV-2 …
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Who Can Take X-Rays in an Urgent Care Center?

Urgent message: Given that x-ray is a differentiating feature of “urgent care” and the current challenges …
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What Qualifies Someone to Take X-Rays in the Urgent Care Center? It All Depends on Where You’re Located

X-rays are high on the list of services patients expect urgent care centers to provide when …
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Avoiding Defamation Lawsuits in Urgent Care

Urgent message: People are unlikely to trust their healthcare to a provider with a sullied reputation, …
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60-Year-Old With Annoying Cough

A 60-year-old man presents to urgent care complaining of an annoying cough for several months. He states that he frequently …
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15-Year-Old Gasping for Air

A 15-year-old male with no significant past medical history presents after he was noted to be gasping for air and …
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29-Year-Old With Stinging Sensation

A 29-year-old woman presents to urgent care for a painful rash that developed on her arm.  It started 1 day …
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48-Year-Old With Foot Pain After Hiking

A 48-year-old man presents to urgent care complaining of pain in his right foot after hiking last weekend on a …
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42-Year-Old With Stinging Sensation

A 42-year-old woman presented to urgent care early in the morning saying that she felt a stinging sensation on her …
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Does Concentra’s New Acquisition Foreshadow a New Era for UC and Occ Med?

On the surface, it seems like the kind of event that has become commonplace in urgent care: A large, national …
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Update: The COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Many Businesses Is Off—Again

Just when you thought you had clarity on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s mandate to vaccinate workers at businesses …
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That Vaccine Mandate for Private Businesses That Was Called Off? It’s on Again—and the Clock Is Ticking

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s plan to require employers with 100 or more workers to institute a COVID-19 vaccine …
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Your Occ Med Clients Need Your Support with the New COVID-19 ETS—Immediately

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration just issued an Emergency Temporary Standard intended to protect workers from getting infected with …
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More People Are Trudging Off to Work on Site. Do You Know Who’s at Greatest Risk for COVID-19?

While some employers are content to maintain remote or hybrid work situations for their workers, either because of strong stances …
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Revenue Cycle Management

Contracting: Primary Care Versus Urgent Care

Heather Rothermel When considering contracting for your clinic, it will be important to know how you plan to market your …
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Why Does Start-Up Contracting Take So Long?

Heather Rothermel Consider this scenario: You’ve decided to open an urgent care center. You’ve secured funding, found the perfect location, …
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What is a False Claim?

Benjamin Barlow, MD; Phyllis Dobberstein, CPC, CPMA, CPCO, CEMC, CCC The False Claims Act (FCA) is a federal statute enacted in …
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Nine Recurring Coding Pitfalls for Urgent Care Clinicians to Avoid

Brad Laymon, PA, CPC, CEMC Over my career as a physician assistant, I have delved extensively into the intricacies of …
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How to Survive a Payer Review

Benjamin Barlow, MD; Phyllis Dobberstein, CPC, CPMA, CPCO, CEMC, CCC One of the biggest challenges facing urgent care operators is increased …
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Categorization of Codes Most Frequently Used in Urgent Care

International Classification of Disease (ICD) codes—maintained by the World Health Organization and published in the United States by the Centers …
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Prescription Duration for Urgent Care Patients

Whereas primary care is focused on prevention and management of chronic conditions, urgent care has historically been defined as episodic …
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Urgent Care De Novo Growth by Operator Size, 2022-2023

A compilation of 2022 and 2023 de novo urgent care center data shows a 7% decline in new locations: from …
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How Urgent Care is Becoming More Corporatized

In 2023, the urgent care industry added 1,057 de novo locations—new sites that did not previously exist. But these new …
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Robust Urgent Care De Novo Growth Continues

The urgent care industry continues to add de novo centers, according to data from Experity and National Urgent Care Realty …
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Abstracts in Urgent Care

Abstracts in Urgent Care – June 2024

Using AI to Detect Myocardial Infarction Take Home Point: The use of an occlusive myocardial infarction (OMI) artificial intelligence (AI) …
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Abstracts in Urgent Care – May 2024

Encouraging Shorter Course Antibiotic Prescribing Take Home Point: In this quality improvement project, both education with performance feedback in combination …
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Abstracts in Urgent Care – April 2024

Rehabilitation in Post-Acute Anterior Shoulder Dislocation Take Home Point: This study suggests that routinely referring patients to a program of …
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Abstracts in Urgent Care – March 2024

Omicron versus Flu & RSV – Which is Most Dangerous for Children? Take Home Point: In this study, hospitalization rates …
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Abstracts in Urgent Care – February 2024

Predicting Which Patients Need an X-Ray Before Attempting Shoulder Reduction Take Home Point: In this study, the Fresno-Québec Rule showed …
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Our Success in Urgent Care is Defined by How We Play Our ‘Greatest Hits’

Recently one evening, I meandered into a bar on iconic 6th Street in Austin, Texas— America’s epicenter for live music …
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‘What Happens If We Do Nothing?’ Is Still the Right Question

Joshua Russell, MD, MSc, FACEP, FCUCM “It only hurts right here,” Rich told me, pointing to a tender spot on …
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Broader Issues Surround ‘Work Note Seeking’

Joshua Russell, MD, MSc, FCUCM, FACEP Who among us has worked a single urgent care (UC) shift without at least …
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What Happens If We Do Nothing?

Joshua Russell, MD, MSc, FCUCM, FACEP In its most modern form, medicine revolves around action. We are trained as clinicians …
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Analogy: A Powerful and Underutilized Bedside Tool

Joshua Russell, MD, MSc, FCUCM, FACEP Click Here to download the article PDF Sophie was back with another one of …
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