A multicenter pilot program in California is studying whether urgent care centers could be a destination for ambulances carrying lower-acuity patients. Paramedics in participating locales receive advanced training to triage and transport 911 patients with cuts, soft-tissue injuries, and woundsRead More
URGENT MESSAGE: The proliferation of smartphone-accessible, on-demand healthcare services delivered to patient homes has received a lot of media coverage recently, but the “UBER” model is hardly a practical replacement for walk-in urgent care. Alan A. Ayers, MBA, MAcc isRead More
It’s great to be on top, but when a clinic is “fat and happy,” its focus on sales and marketing can lose its intensity. Consequently, your clinic may be in danger of losing its crown without realizing your leadership positionRead More
There is a broad consensus that our country’s current recession will advance to become the harshest economic crisis we have faced since the Great Depression. On the surface, spiraling unemployment and broad-based financial pressures portend trouble for most urgent careRead More
“Keep your ear to the customer” is a central tenet of effective marketing. Awareness of how your services are used and valued can be especially important in a field like occupational medicine, where the people you treat are often notRead More