Catastrophic winter storms are being blamed for the deaths of hundreds of people across the country this week. They’re also leaving many thousands stranded in airports and even more at home without power or heat. Urgent care centers are not exempt for the effects, either, as they’re among the many healthcare facilities forced to shut their doors or alter their operations due to severe conditions. As reported by Fox 17 West Michigan, Spectrum Health has had to cancel in-person urgent care and office visits in some locations but has continued to offer virtual urgent care. University of Michigan Health West has been able to keep most of their offices open, but have postponed many in-person visits. And in Ohio, WLWT says weather-related water conditions have forced Cincinnati Children’s Mason campus to close its urgent care facility and delay care in many specialty departments. It’s predictable that certain parts of the U.S. will experience severe weather conditions at various times of the year, though storms like the ones going on this week are rare. Would you be ready when the unforeseen disaster strikes? Reading Developing an Emergency Preparedness Plan for Urgent Care will give you a good idea—and provide suggestions that could help you fill any gaps in your plan.

Storms Are Shutting Down Urgent Care Centersbut It Could Be Worse. Would You Be Prepared?
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