This time of year is notoriously difficult for addicts. Whether due to diagnosed seasonal affective disorder, exposure to substances at holiday parties, or simply seeking relief from the winter blues, even individuals committed to sobriety can stumble. Some will head for urgent care centers in the hope that a provider they haven’t seen before could be duped with tales of acute pain from an after-hours dental issue or a fall. As such, this might be a good time for a refresher on red flags for patients who are seeking pain medications for illicit purposes. Per a slide show just published online by Medical Economics, they include claims that the patient is allergic to most pain medications—except for the one they’re seeking; an unwillingness to consider nonopioid medications; stating multiple preferred pharmacies; and noting that they’re just visiting from another location, including from a neighboring state; and others. For insights on assistance you might be able to provider to addicts, read The Potential Role of Urgent Care in Addressing the Opiate Epidemic in the JUCM archive.

The Holidays Are Tough Times for Addicts. Be Vigilant for Drug Seekers
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