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Providers are the key personnel in any medical facility, and urgent care centers are no exception. To use a sports analogy, they’re the “superstars” of the team—which means they have to deliver if you’re going to have a winning record. However, as independent contractors, they can also put you on the losing side of Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service violations. Attorney and experienced compliance officer Kurt Tullar will explain how to stay in compliance while making the best use of provider attributes, also exploring the hidden risks of misclassifying employees in urgent care (eg, which—if any—should classified as “independent contractors?”) in a free, live webinar offered by the Urgent Care Association (UCA). Even a First-Round Draft Pick is an Employee is scheduled to take place August 18, 1–2 pm Central. Cost is $50 for UCA members or $70 for nonmembers. The price includes both online attendance and a recording of the webinar. For more information or to register for the webinar, click here.

Free Urgent Care Webinar: Even a First-Round Draft Pick is an Employee
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