Putting out fires may be necessary from time to time, but it’s no way to build a lasting presence in the urgent care marketplace. Focus all your attention on the day-to-day problems and you’ll find that your business is blowing in the wind like so many autumn leaves. Learn how to start breaking the cycle of jumping from one problem to the next in the first live webinar the Urgent Care Association will offer in 2018. Stop Fixing Problems and Start Building Culture, led by Dan McCall, will take place on Thursday, January 18, 1–2 pm (Central).  The webinar will aim to help you make the connection between your center’s service and its culture by diving deep into the impact of team leadership, the need for culture infusion in your urgent care center, the connection between service and culture, and more. Cost to attend is $50 for UCA members and $100 for nonmembers. To learn more or to register, click here.

UCA Webinar: Don’t Just Fix Problems—Build a Culture!
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