As you know, some patients consider it an infringement on their constitutional rights if they’re required to wear a mask in a private business, including an urgent care center. Others are likely to choose a location over another if they know everyone will be masked. Whatever your rules are, it’s in your (and your patients’) best interest to be as transparent as possible in order to avoid conflict and continue drawing patients who will be happy with your care. Recognizing this, the Urgent Care Clinic at the St. Cloud VA Medical Center in Minnesota dedicated a page on its website to rules prospective patients should be aware of before visiting. Besides assuring visitors that “safe care remains [their] goal” as they continue operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, the page advises patients that masks are mandatory for everyone entering the facility, that each patient is allowed to have only one person accompanying them, and that telehealth is an option for many complaints, among other details. While it’s true that not every patient consults your website before deciding to show up at your door, anything you can do to ensure a satisfactory visit will go a long way toward establishing trust and encouraging return visits in the future.

Publicizing Your Pandemic Rules Could Facilitate Smoother—and More Plentiful—Visits