Most women who are pregnant are rightly cautious about what they put into their bodies. Given the newness of the COVID-19 vaccines, not to mention the misinformation abounding on social and mainstream media, it’s natural that they might be hesitant to get vaccinated. After numerous studies, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has finally issued an unequivocal statement recommending that pregnant women should, indeed, get vaccinated while assuring the public that none of the vaccines have been shown to increase risk for miscarriage. In fact, according to the CDC, failing to get the vaccine is more dangerous for pregnant women than it is for the nonpregnant patient; pregnancy increases risk for severe illness with COVID-19, while the virus increases risk for preterm birth. CDC data show that only 23% of pregnant women have received even a single dose of the vaccine.

CDC: COVID-19 Vaccination Is Not Only Safe, but Recommended for Pregnant Patients