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Walgreens recently completed the sale of 11 VillageMD clinics in Rhode Island to Arches Medical Partners (AMP), based in Boston. The sale is part of Walgreens’ broader initiative to boost profitability by divesting VillageMD primary care locations, following a period of weak fourth-quarter earnings in 2023. This week, the company announced 160 VillageMD clinics have been slated for closure—100 more than previously announced. The company recently exited the Florida market entirely and this week announced plans to close 5 clinics in Nevada and exit that state as well. AMP—which is owned by an independent practice association and emphasizes global risk payment models over fee-for-service—operates 8 office locations and 3 urgent care centers in Rhode Island.

Quick to get the word out: AMP has already added some of the new locations to its patient-facing website.

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    Primary Care Operator Buys 11 VillageMD Sites
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