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Inclement winter weather doesn’t stop people from needing fast access to good medical care—if anything, the perils of walking or driving on icy surfaces may lead some to seek an urgent care center for the first time. Even if their complaints are the garden variety sore throat or UTI, some may think twice about venturing out to a crowded emergency room. And primary care offices do close suddenly on occasion. It would be wise to keep your website up to date, letting patients know you’re open (or not, before they waste a trip) when bad weather strikes. If you have a Twitter feed or Facebook page, use those vehicles to keep them informed. As always, it also makes sense to reach out to area primary care and specialty offices to let them know you’re able to see their patients at times when there may not be other options. Assure them that you will share the pertinent information of their visit, in line with the patient’s wishes.

Let Patients Know How You’re Weathering in Winter
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