Workplaces across the country are starting to take steps toward normalcy, with restaurants in many states letting patrons back in or offering outdoor dining options. Retail and office jobs will follow. That doesn’t mean folks feel safe going back after months of working remotely, however, or that precautions shouldn’t be taken to prevent a second wave of COVID-19 infections. Pennsylvania-based St. Luke’s Occupational Medicine, in collaboration with St. Luke’s Behavioral Health, St. Luke’s Fitness Centers, and St. Luke’s Care Now sites is among the urgent care and occupational medicine providers devising programs to support their occ med customers. St. Luke’s Return to Work initiative includes assessing workers’ fitness to return to their jobs; mental health services to help employees deal with stressors like the pandemic and related burdens to work–life balance; and on-site temperature taking with noncontact thermometers. St. Luke’s is also offering to provide evidence-based guidance to leadership on their own and the workforce’s wellbeing. This is a tough time to run a business. Reach out to your occ med customers to assess what their needs are going forward, and how you can support their efforts to ensure the health of their workers and their businesses. And if you don’t offer occ med services currently, this could be an optimal time to do so. JUCM has a rich history of publishing articles related to occupational medicine. Foundation of Occupational Medicine in the Urgent Care Setting would be a great place to start, but you can also visit our Occupational Medicine Archive to catch up on all the related articles we’ve published.

Help Your Occ Med Customers Ensure a Healthy Return for the Workforce
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