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Code 3 Emergency Partners is betting that an enclosed location where 65,000 people work and 65 million people pass through every year is probably a good place to set up an urgent care clinic. So they did, at D/FW International Airport in Dallas/Fort Worth. The clinic has the same capability to treat infections and lacerations, to take x-rays, and run ultrasounds as any other urgent care center—and a constant stream of passersby and workers who may need immediate care. Besides passengers who may become ill during a flight, or who are leaving on a trip but couldn’t get in to see their primary care provider, Code 3 is working with the airlines to provide care for flight crews, baggage handlers, mechanics, and any of the other many workers who have risky jobs at the airport. They expect to add a pharmacy within the next few months for on-site medication needs, and a freestanding emergency room at a later date.

Flying Through Dallas? There’s an Urgent Care for That
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