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Dignity Health, California’s biggest private hospital network, is pouring resources into the urgent care arena by opening the first of a dozen clinics it will operate with GoHealth Urgent Care in the San Francisco Bay area. Dignity says Americans “pay too much and get too little” for healthcare, and that urgent care can be a conduit to reducing waste. Treating a patient in urgent care vs the emergency room is also cheaper for the hospital, of course. And if a hospital doesn’t have a connected urgent care center, it risks seeing patients take their problems—and their money—to centers down the proverbial road. (For further insights, read Joint Ventures Between Health Systems and Urgent Care: Achieving the Best of Both Worlds , by Todd Latz, JD in the June 2016 issue of JUCM, The Journal of Urgent Care Medicine.)

Dignity and GoHealth Go in on Bay Area Urgent Care Clinics
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