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Urgent care centers might be wise to follow the lead of the many nonhealthcare businesses that have recognized the value of ensuring that lesbian, gay, bi, trans, questioning (LGBTQ) consumers are welcomed and treated appropriately. Many have invested heavily in marketing and advertising that gets that message across, in fact. Aside from the ethics of ensuring that all patients are treated with dignity, respect, and the appropriate care, a survey by Community Marketing shows that LGBTQ consumers are loyal, spend more money, and feel “more positive” about companies that address them directly; 78% of LGBTQ adults, as well as their friends and families, say they would switch to brands that show they are LGBTQ friendly.

At least one urgent care center in Los Angeles is seeing the benefits of combining this approach with its social media marketing. Exer More Than Urgent Care incorporated a rainbow logo design on its Facebook page, along with the message “No matter who you are or who you love, we are fully committed to helping everyone we can, in every community we serve.” While that was timed to coincide with Pride Month events, the message is applicable year-round. It’s been effective, too; the page has picked up some 7,000 followers since the logo was added in November.
It’s interesting to note that there is nothing explicit in Exer’s message, nor any mention of trying to appeal to a particular community. Another, equally “soft sell” approach could be as simple as depicting same-sex couples in marketing materials or website images. More direct appeals could include establishing relationships with community health centers or civic organizations geared toward LGBTQ residents.

Regardless of the exact approach, ensuring that all potential patients recognize they are welcome in your urgent care center will help providers fulfill their commitment to provide quality care to all who need it while also benefitting your business. (This subject was covered in greater depth in a JUCM article entitled Making Your Urgent Care Center Welcoming for LGBTQ Patients.)

Courting LGBTQ Patients Can Benefit Communities and Your Revenue Stream
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