A mother brings her 13-year-old daughter to your urgent care center with a complaint of fever, chills, dry cough, and myalgia for 3 days. On exam, the patient is febrile (101°F). In addition, there is conjunctival injection and blanching erythematous patches on the face and neck. The mother mentions that the family returned from a trip to Brazil 10 days prior. While traveling they ate local food, drank local (unfiltered) water, sustained a few mosquito bites, and went whitewater rafting.              

View the image in this context and consider what your diagnosis and next steps would be. Resolution of the case is described on the next page.

Fever, Chills, Dry Cough, and Myalgia Image
A 13-Year-Old Girl with Fever, Chills, Dry Cough, and Myalgia
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