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With Thanksgiving family get-togethers over, college kids have gone back to campus and younger children are back in class, ready to share not only amusing holiday anecdotes but new cases of COVID-19, as well. Elementary schools in some areas are already reporting a jump in new cases compared with weeks leading up to the long weekend, practically ensuring that more cases will follow as the 14-day incubation period unfolds. Some state and local health departments are recommending proactive testing in order to reduce exposure and prevent a return to high incidence of infection across the country. As such, this is an ideal time to ensure you have ample testing supplies and that your team is prepared for the inevitable “positives.” Probe for symptoms and possible exposures with every patient, and offer to test accordingly. And with Chanukkah already upon us and Christmas not far behind, continue to encourage all eligible patients to be fully vaccinated (including a booster shot).

You Got Through Thanksgiving—Now It’s Time for the Aftermath of COVID-19 Testing