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Outside of the healthcare environment, you’d be hard pressed to find a professional who is more at risk for COVID-19 by virtue of long-term exposure to large numbers of people than teachers (especially those who teach younger children who are ineligible to receive the vaccine at this time). Those educators then share whatever exposure they’ve had with loved ones at home, of course. In spite of this, as in other settings, some teachers are begging off getting the COVID-19 shot. That may change soon, however, as the National Education Association just came out with a statement endorsing COVID-19 vaccination for all school workers. The NEA stopped short of mandating the vaccine for its members (—something it wouldn’tthey would not have the authority to do, however), anyway—suggesting that as an alternative educators should have the option of submitting to COVID-19 testing on a regular basis. Urgent care centers are in a prime position to support either of those scenarios, of course. Consider reaching out to area school boards, superintendents, and health departments to offer your services.

With Teachers Backing Vaccine Mandates, It’s Time to Offer Your Services to Local Schools