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The patient who presents with an articulate, specific explanation of their complaint is both a blessing and a curse to the urgent care provider. On the plus side, you’re not forced into a game of 20 questions just to get a sense of why they’re sitting in your exam room. On the downside, even the most forthcoming patient can’t tell you what they’re unaware of. They know what’s uncomfortable, but not much else—and that can lull you into a false sense of certainty. You could miss the most essential aspects of their case. And there are simply some diagnoses and nuances that you just can’t afford to miss. JUCM will present a live webinar entitled “Can’t Miss” Findings in Urgent Care: The Top 10 on Tuesday, August 24, 2–3 pm to help you avoid such potential catastrophes. Imaging results from actual cases will illuminate the way through unusual infectious lung findings, how to determine when a rib fracture needs further exploration, when joint effusion can be your best friend, and other challenges. Attendance is free, but registration is required. Click here to sign up or for more information.

Free JUCM Webinar: Why You (and Your Patients) Can’t Afford to Miss Certain Can’t-Miss Diagnoses