The portrait of an urgent care owner continues to evolve along with the diverse services offered at the clinic level, with private equity and venture capitalist buyers taking to heart the notion that diversity is key when putting together an investment portfolio. The most recent example: The Aspen Group, which recently acquired Physicians Immediate Care in Chicago and owns 180 urgent care centers in the Northeast and Midwest U.S., just bought AZPetVet, an Arizona company that offers veterinary care and operates 22 animal hospitals in the Phoenix area. Put it all together along with the dental and dermatology properties they own, and the company has roughly 1,200 locations dedicated to some form of care or another. Urgent care has become more prominent a target for investors who may not have been interested in healthcare years ago. Read End Users and Consolidators: The Next Possible Wave of Transactions in Urgent Care and How Does a Private Equity Buyer View the Future Landscape of Urgent Care? in the JUCM archive for greater context—and to get a sense of where the trend may lead next.

Will Diversification of Properties Become ‘a Thing’ for Urgent Care Owner Portfolios?