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JUCM and JUCM News readers know that acuity degradation is a major concern in the urgent care industry. For a multitude of reasons, too many patients visiting urgent care centers are referred elsewhere when, on paper, they really should be able to receive care at the UC level. Now Experity Chief Operating Officer and regular JUCM contributor Monte Sandler has authored an article for HIT Consultant that proposes solutions. Increasing training opportunities for advanced-practice providers and pursuing more equitable reimbursement, away from a fee-for-service model, are just two recommendations Sandler makes in the piece. There are others. You can also get more insights into fighting acuity degradation in an article Sandler coauthored for JUCM. How Urgent Care Can Address Its Degrading Scope of Practice is available in our archive right now.

We Know Acuity Degradation Is a Problem in Urgent Care. Now What Can You Do About It?