Google, Facebook, and maybe even Twitter and Instagram have become common avenues for urgent care operators to reach new patients online. Visits related to another app are exploding all of a sudden, however. According to an article published online by FIERCE Healthcare, bookings from the online provider search/appointment app Zocdoc have grown by 80%, month over month while the number of UCCs has grown almost 40% month over month. That reflects visits to more than 200 urgent care locations across 22 states. All told, the volume of related patient visits is up 60% since 2019. The FIERCE piece notes that more than half of UC visits through Zocdoc take place within 5 hours of booking, with patients in their 20s accounting for 40% of urgent care bookings. Over 30% are in their 30s, while more than 25% are over 40 years of age. For more insights on reaching patients online, read Competing for Patients in a Digitally Connected World in the JUCM archive.

Urgent Care Visits Are Growing Exponentially in a Way That Might Surprise You