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When a patient leaves your urgent care center after receiving excellent care and service, usually the most you hope for is that they’ll tell a friend. When they decide they want to tell the whole community, you know you’re doing something right. Such was the case for a patient after visiting Virtua Urgent Care in Voorhees Township, NJ the morning of New Year’s Eve. As he recounts in a letter to the Courier-Post, he woke up that morning with a severe cough and rales. Having a history of pneumonia, he knew he had to see a doctor as soon as possible. Because it was Sunday, he recognized that his primary care provider’s office would be closed so he headed to the urgent care center. In his letter, he notes that every staff member and provider he encountered was pleasant, courteous, and professional. He was also impressed that he walked out the door after seeing a doctor, having an x-ray, and with a prescription in hand without spending endless hours on site despite the full waiting room he saw when he arrived. “The entire experience convinced us of the excellent care available in an urgent care facility on weekends and holidays, times when most doctors’ offices are closed,” he wrote. “Thanks to the women who provided so much professional TLC to me. I feel much better now.” Few patients might take the initiative to write a letter, but this gentleman’s description of his experience reflects the impact that quality, professional care has on every patient who experiences it. Is your center fully prepared to offer it?

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