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Most Americans understand their healthcare options, but diverse age groups value different attributes when deciding where to get that care, according to a new survey by the Urgent Care Association of America. Quality factors, such as having a physician on site (a prevalent urgent care attribute compared with retail clinics more often staffed by nurse practitioners or physician assistants), were more important to patients in older age groups, while affordability and location were more important for those in the 18–34 age range. All these data seem to highlight the appeal of the urgent care marketplace; recognizing which features are most appealing to various age groups can be valuable in informing promotional and community outreach efforts. Previous efforts have paid off in getting patients of every age to recognize the breadth of services offered by urgent care, as most understood they could get x-rays, blood work, casts or splints, and prescriptions at an urgent care center.

Urgent Care Survey: Baby Boomers Want Quality; Millennials Consider Cost More
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