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A recent article in Physicians Practice by Benjamin Barlow, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Experity, summarizes the shifting market position for urgent care (UC). Barlow notes how during the pandemic era, UC clinics stepped up with flexibility and efficiency to deliver SARS-CoV-1 tests at scale. However, after a time, relying on that approach became short-sighted, leading to many clinics shifting away from fundamental urgent care capabilities. Now they must restore balance that is long overdue by demonstrating urgent care’s value in the healthcare ecosystem, he says in the article. Barlow outlined the common characteristics of successful urgent care operations: augmenting fundamental services; a team approach to staffing; patient satisfaction; billing optimization; operating hours; and diversified marketing strategies.

The key message: Barlow reminds leaders that “Ultimately, the success of urgent care clinics is determined by forward-thinking strategies and planning, in addition to the ability to adapt to the unknown.”

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Urgent Care Must Adapt and Demonstrate Value
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