Hiring the best providers is only half the battle when it comes to putting together a clinically excellent team that will appeal to prospective patients in your area. This is especially true if you’re the new kid on the block and don’t have years of experience to tell you what those people need. The type of area you occupy—rural vs urban, seasonal ebbs and flows, a high concentration of elderly residents—determines a lot, as well. If you’re not providing what the patients need, no matter how good the care is…well, good luck to you. You can gain some insights into making those determinations during an Urgent Care Association webinar entitled, Defining the Organization’s Scope of Care/Scope of Services—What Should You Offer? on Thursday, January 23 at 1 pm (Central). Bryan Fleming, MBA, statewide quality improvement and patient safety manager for UCI Medical Affiliates (the nonmedical management company for Doctors Care) will lead a discussion on decisions made by your governing body, policies and procedures, hiring, competencies, training, and provider privileging. He’ll also touch on how to identify procedures and processes your practice is prepared to perform—and what to do when proposed services fall outside of it. Cost is $50 for members or $100 for nonmembers. For more information or to register, click here.

UCA Webinar: What Do You Have to Offer—and Is It Enough?
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