As far back as October, the National Weather Service was predicting a wetter-than-usual winter this year. With Winter Storm Dean bearing down on the Midwest and a snowy mess expected to hit the East Coast, it looks like they might be right. Some regions have already seen a jump in snow- and ice-related injuries. Genesis Health System in the Quad Cities region of Iowa reported seeing 35 patients across four locations in a single day due to falls alone recently. They ranged from fractures and dislocations to head injuries. Hypothermia and frostbite are also threats, of course. To get a fuller idea of what to expect as members of your community drive on snowy roads, try to walk down icy sidewalks, and hit the ski slopes read Cold Weather-Related Injuries in the JUCM archive. Then make sure you’re staffed accordingly to perform and read x-rays, cast banged-up limbs—and keep your parking lots and sidewalks safe to traverse.

A Wetter Winter Could Mean a Jump in Seasonal Injuries. Are You Ready?
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