In spite of a decades-long history of providing excellent, economical walk-in care across the country, the urgent care industry has been largely overlooked as a reliable ally in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. First, urgent care centers were left out of the supply chain for testing supplies in the early months of the pandemic. Now it can seem like SARS-CoV-2 vaccines are being distributed to every possible recipient other than urgent care (and badly, at that, in many states). If you’ve had enough, you’re not alone. The Urgent Care Association and industry stakeholders have been lobbying Congress to recognize the opportunity that’s been largely ignored for urgent care to join the fray on the frontlines. UCA’s next effort is one you’re encouraged to support. A virtual UCA Congressional Lobby Day is scheduled for March 3, a day after the Association will host a Congressional briefing to educate lawmakers on the industry’s legislative priorities—including reimbursement issues with COVID-19 testing, vaccination distribution, and additional funding for urgent care as part of the COVID-19 stimulus package. Specifically, consider making an appointment with your area’s senators and representatives to share your own stories about how you’ve been able to (or could have, given the opportunity) support efforts to squelch spread of the virus, and to mitigate its effects on those who are infected. If that’s not possible, send an email or a video testimonial to your members of Congress.

Tired of Urgent Care Being Overlooked? UCA Is Making It Easy to Do Something About It