Increases in the price of homes, gasoline, and consumer goods are bound to have a disproportionate effect on the unemployed, underemployed, and elderly Americans living on a fixed income. At the same time, food pantries and other community resources are already crying out for help due to decreased levels of support from usually reliable donors. In short, some of the most vulnerable among us are getting squeezed from both sides, without the resources to do much about it. Fortunately, some urgent care operators are seizing on the opportunity to support their communities by working with social services groups. Waynesboro (Virginia) Urgent Care, for one, is serving as a location for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank’s Food Pharmacy program. Food-insecure patients who visit any of the Food Pharmacy participant healthcare facilities can receive nutritious food while getting their medical needs met. MD Now teamed up with a local TV news operation at Thanksgiving time to support a local food drive, inviting nearby residents to bring food donations to any of its Palm Beach County locations. And MedSpring Urgent Care in Austin, TX, now part of CareNow, has served as a dropoff location for Central Texas Food Bank drives to feed the hungry. These are prime opportunities to “do well by doing good.” Supporting your community strengthens bonds with prospective patients and helps your team feel good about coming to work every day. Consider reaching out to support resources in your area.

These Are Tough Times for the Hungry. What Can Urgent Care Do to Help?
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