The latest update to the data tracker maintained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows a steady increase in new COVID-19 infections and related hospitalizations since April. While there hasn’t been a corresponding increase in deaths from COVID, to date, a new concern is that upwards of 60% of current transmission may be from individuals who are asymptomatic or presymptomatic, according to an article just published by MedPage Today. As with other setbacks seen in recent months, the key culprit appears to be the Omicron variant. Ironically, according to one expert quoted in the MedPage Today piece, the likelihood of someone having COVID-19 but not exhibiting symptoms speaks to strengthened immunity among the population. The bottom line for urgent care providers and operators is that continuing to use whatever preventive measures are at your disposal—proactive testing among staff, encouraging vaccination and boosters for both workers and patients—may be the best route to reducing risk of spread in your facility.

COVID Infection Rates Are on the Rise Again—and Spread May Be More Surreptitious Than Ever