People have been separated not only from many loved ones over the past year and a half, but also from many cherished outdoor activities and adventures. Now that so many pandemic-related restrictions have been lifted, schools are out, and summer is officially here Americans are venturing out into nature again with a vengeance. The problem is, sometimes nature can be a high-risk environment. Whether they’re on or in the water, playing tennis, mountain climbing, or just exploring the woods on a hike, many vacationers are bound to become patients—often, when they’re far from home. JUCM Editor-in-Chief Joshua Russell, MD, MSc, FAAEM, FACEP appeared on KOIN TV’s morning news program in Portland, OR recently to offer tips on avoiding injury when hiking, specifically. Urgent care is the most likely and probably the most suitable destination for patients who do fall prey to most wilderness injury, though. Your team should be prepared for an uptick in related complaints, especially if you live in an area attractive to vacationers. JUCM published an article that would serve as a great refresher as to what can be expected. You can read Top 5 Wilderness Medicine Topics for the Urgent Care Provider in our archive right now.

There’s No Summer Break from Seasonal Injuries; Be Prepared
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