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We’ve all seen painful reminders (or experienced them ourselves) of just how helpless natural disasters can leave us. We’ve also been touched and inspired by the bravery and selflessness of first responders—firefighters, police, EMS, and search & rescue personnel—who come to the aid of people in need regardless of their own circumstances. West Virginia University Occupational Medicine is saying thank you by offering a free physical exam for a day at select locations to all first responders.  The offer includes vision screening, wellness labs, chest x-ray, audiogram, respirator fit testing, ECG, spirometry, and height, weight, vital signs and BMI. Additional services such as commercial drivers’ license physical exams, lab work, immunizations, and TB skin tests are available at a reduced cost. In addition to paying tribute to the efforts of those who put others first, day in and day out, the initiative is also likely to introduce at least a few new patients to the urgent care centers; spread goodwill to the first responders, their families, and the surrounding communities; and give staff a new reason to feel good about what they do for a living.

Taking Care of the First Responders Who Take Care of You, Your Staff, and Your Patients
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