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Drugmakers are developing new iterations of GLP-1 weight loss drugs that could result in fewer side effects. According to a news item in Becker’s Hospital Review, 27 GLP-1 drugs are in development, but the majority of the data is based on animal studies or early-stage human trials. In one example, researchers are optimistic about the experimental drug petrelinitide, which was shown to reduce body weight by an average of nearly 9% at 16 weeks. It mimics amylin to help control blood sugar and also could reduce common side effects associated with the GLP-1 drugs currently on the market, such as nausea. 

Generic available: This week, Teva Pharmaceuticals separately announced the launch of generic liraglutide for diabetes treatment, the first authorized generic GLP-1 product available in the United States. With the huge potential market for weight loss drugs, more product options could lead to competition that drives down prices and increases access. Currently, very few payers are covering the costly GLP-1 drugs solely for obesity treatment.

Substantial Number of GLP-1 Drugs in the Pipeline Hint at Lower Future Costs
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