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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a health advisory this week related to a significant increase in dengue fever cases in the United States, according to NBC News. There have been 2,241 reported cases across the country this year so far, compared to the recorded 3,036 cases from all of 2023. More than 1,498 dengue fever cases occurred in Puerto Rico, where a public health emergency was declared in March. Globally, the incidence has hit record numbers with twice as many known cases so far this year compared to all of 2023. Providers are advised to have increased suspicion of dengue among patients with fever, especially if they have recently traveled to warmer climates.

It’s the heat: Observers believe increasingly hot temperatures create ideal conditions for mosquitos to thrive, which carry the virus and spread it to humans.

Rising Dengue Fever Cases Outpacing Last Year
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