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Your child wakes up with a sore throat and a fever. Like any responsible parent, you take a sick day and call the pediatrician, only to hear “Sorry, nothing today. We may be able to squeeze you in tomorrow afternoon.” Now what? Well, 42% of the 2,000+ parents surveyed in the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health say they would take their child to an urgent care center, retail clinic, or the emergency room instead of waiting. Another 42% said they would call their child’s doctor “for advice.” The problem is especially acute during flu season, when more parents are faced with this dilemma and, not so coincidentally, find it harder to get in to see the pediatrician. It all reinforces the wisdom of establishing referral relationships with pediatric practices, but also ensuring school nurses and daycare centers know you’re there, and are aware of the services you provide.

Sometimes Parents Can’t Wait for Their Child’s Pediatrician