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The American Heart Association introduced the concept of a new medical condition called cardiovascular-kidney-metabolic syndrome (CKM) in a recent article in Circulation. The rising incidence of multiple chronic health issues in younger Americans, particularly obesity, diabetes, and heart and kidney disease, calls for earlier diagnosis and risk assessment, the association says. The synergy between metabolic risk factors, such as abdominal fat, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and elevated blood sugar, has long-term effects on health as well as expenditures. The new medical concept is positioned as a way to address fragmented care.

Yes, but: Addressing social determinants of health will be the real innovation in reducing the incidence of CKM, regardless of how the overlapping conditions are labeled. Recognizing undiagnosed conditions is a good start, but ongoing care after urgent presentations will be a loftier goal, especially among under-resourced populations.

New CKM Syndrome Combines Multiple Chronic Conditions
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