CVS Health’s MinuteClinic unit just started providing virtual healthcare in Nebraska, bringing the number of states in which patients can be seen without visiting one of its clinics to 16. MinuteClinic Video Visits are now available 24/7 using any mobile device. The company charges a flat fee of $59 for the “visit,” payable via credit card or debit card, but CVS says patients will be able to start using their insurance to cover the cost in the coming months. The company also says they still expect the service to be available nationwide “where allowed” by the end of the year (as in, within the next 45 days). In its internal research on patient satisfaction with telehealth, CVS Health reported that 95% of users were satisfied with the convenience and overall experience of going online to consult with a provider. It offers the service to patients at least 2 years old whose complaints are limited to minor illness, minor injury, or a skin condition. Users have to fill out a questionnaire that prompts the system to route them to a provider licensed in the state where the patient is located.

MinuteClinic Goes Virtual in its 16th State—and CVS Says They’ll Reach the Rest by Year’s End
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