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Specialty urgent care centers of every stripe are on the rise across the country. One of the arguably most natural fits, orthopedics, is proving to be an especially attractive prospect for a Michigan couple who’ve launched an aggressive plan to open 32 specialty locations over the next 5 years. All will be operated as OrthoNOW franchises. Right now, Kelly and Mark Olin’s flagship location in Flint, MI averages around 20 visits a day, though they’re in the midst of an upward trend at the moment. As has been the case with the steady growth of urgent care in general, the growth of orthopedic and other specialty urgent care locations has succeeded as demand for convenience and lower prices continues to rise. The Olins will finance some centers, partner with orthopedists and private investors on others, and also sell territories within Michigan to other investors. OrthoNOW was cofounded in 2010 by a Miami surgeon, and has grown to 54 centers in Florida and Georgia. Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Wisconsin are the vanguard for Midwest expansion.

Michigan Operator Embraces a Future in Orthopedic Urgent Care Centers
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