With the mainstream (and medical) media focus on the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be easy to overlook the fact that everyday illness and injuries still occur. With most of the country experiencing winter temperatures, for example, that may be especially true of cold weather-related complaints right now. As noted in a report aired on KSDK TV in Missouri, urgent care will likely be the right setting for many such patients. That story featured quotes from a physician at Total Access Urgent Care, who managed to get in a description of the array of weather-related injuries their facility is prepared to treat, from head wounds to falls on outstretched hands (FOOSH). JUCM has published numerous articles on the subject. You can read Cold Weather-Related Injuries and Injuries to the Upper Extremity Due to Falls on Outstretched Hands (FOOSH) in our archive right now.

Lower Temperatures Mean Higher Incidence of Slip-and-Fall Injuries. Are Your Prepared?
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