If you have a minute—literally—you might be able to learn something that could help you with the next patient walking through the door. Ana Echenique, MD, DABR, clinical director, quality management for Experity Teleradiology and an occasional JUCM contributor, has created a Twitter account dedicated to presenting interesting x-ray cases that include quick explanations and pearls that provide potentially valuable insights. Dr. Echenique plans to post an anonymized case every day for educational purposes. You can follow those posts on Twitter at @UrgCareRadDaily. Dr. Echenique’s contributions to JUCM have been essential in allowing us to provide timely, urgent care-specific content related to COVID-19. They include co-authorship of

Chest X-Ray Findings in  636 Ambulatory Patients with COVID-19 Presenting to an  Urgent Care Center: A Normal Chest X-Ray Is no Guarantee and A 60-Year Old Male with Dyspnea And Hypoxemia at the Start of a Global Pandemic, as well as serving as copresenter for a webinar on the former.

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