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One hour of free CME will be offered in the forthcoming Bouncebacks! Book Club virtual discussions. The book series Bouncebacks!—created by The Journal of Urgent Care Medicine’s Senior Clinical Editor Michael Weinstock, MD, and colleagues—takes a fresh approach to the practice of medicine by focusing on “bounce-back” visits with a collection of case reports. The Bouncebacks! series presents the actual documentation of an emergency encounter, analyzes it from a risk-management and patient-safety perspective, then reveals the ultimate diagnosis. Additionally, there is a referenced discussion of the chief complaint and final diagnosis by national emergency medicine experts.

How to join: Bouncebacks! Book Club is open to faculty, residents, students, and any healthcare professional interested in discussing the cases. There’s no requirement to purchase the book, and deskside beverages are encouraged for the virtual events, which are hosted by Dr. Weinstock. Register for Monday, November 6, 2023, at 8PM Eastern, to discuss the case of a 48 year-old man with beta blocker overdose HERE. Register for Monday December 4, 2023, at 8PM Eastern, to discuss the case of a 32 year-old man with heroin overdose HERE. Find out more on the Bouncebacks! website HERE.

Join Virtual Discussions About ‘Bounceback!’ Cases
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