Physicians aren’t the only healthcare professionals in short supply across the United States. Urgent care centers have been wrestling with a dearth of x-ray technicians for some time now. Given that the ability to offer x-ray services is a distinguishing characteristic that sets urgent care apart from some other walk-in settings, this is a fairly significant problem. Some urgent care centers have had to come up with innovative solutions in order to keep patients satisfied. According to an article published by the Dunkirk Observer, Gowanda Urgent Care and Medical Center in New York, for one, just partnered with a local radiology business, St. Lawrence Radiology Associates, to take patients who need an immediate x-ray as an alternative to referring them to the emergency room or an orthopedic practice. There are other nontraditional solutions that could allow you to keep patients on site, however. You can learn about those in a two-part series of articles just published by JUCM, Who Can Take X-Rays in an Urgent Care Center? and Benefits of Utilizing Limited-Scope X-Ray Techs in the Urgent Care Setting.

If You’re Vexed by the Shortage of X-Ray Techs, You May Need to Get Creative
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