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There have been nine injuries due to motorcycle crashes related to this year’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and the event has five more days to go. That’s not exactly news that’s going to impact your day—unless you run an urgent care center in the Rapid City, SD area. Black Hills Urgent Care is one location that’s likely to see increased patient traffic related to the event. Regional Hospitals went so far as to urge bikers and residents to use urgent care whenever appropriate August 8–14 in order to reduce the risk of overcrowding in its emergency room, which sees volume rise dramatically during the annual mega rally. There are two lessons here for urgent care operators looking to build a stable business: 1) Establish strong referral relationships with local hospitals and physician office; 2) Be aware of upcoming events in your area, and reach out to potential referrers ahead of time if it seems likely they’ll need to send patients off their premises.
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Hospital Tells Sturgis Bikers to Try Urgent Care
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