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Think about the last promotional pen you used, or the sticky-pad you wrote on with it. It’s likely you don’t remember where you picked up either of them (even if it was the same place). Now, imagine that you used a tick remover that was given to you to remove a blood-sucking parasite from your child’s arm.

You probably know where that one came from.

PhysicianOne Urgent Care hit on that very idea when it was looking for a meaningful way to celebrate its 1-year anniversary of treating patients in Massachusetts, so it’s handing out free tick removers over its anniversary weekend. While even the mere mention of the word “ticks” can trigger some people’s ick factor, it’s a plan that reflects the season, the environments in which PhysicianOne’s centers are located, and the company’s commitment to helping patient stay healthy. Not coincidentally, it will also keep PhysicianOne’s name in sight around the house.

Lyme disease is turning up in higher numbers throughout Massachusetts (and New York, where PhysicianOne also draws patients from) with summer not even half over yet. PhysicianOne is stressing to patients that they need to check for ticks daily, and is now going to help patients remove any they find without having to touch the critters with their bare hands.

So, in short, handing our tick removers to celebrate their anniversary reflects PhysicianOne’s awareness of the areas it serves, connects with the outdoor-oriented lifestyle of the patients they treat, and reminds patients, subtly, that PhysicianOne cares about their wellbeing. Clearly, not every urgent care location would benefit from handing out tick removers, but every operator can look at the broad criteria described above and find some item that reflects similar awareness and values. Why not used that approach the next time you want to celebrate an anniversary, a new location, or any notable milestones?

Get Creative in Promoting Your Urgent Care with Seasonal, Targeted Freebies
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